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You should come here, seriously!

April 24th, 2013 ddluu15

So you got your letter into Holy Cross? Congrats!! Let me swoon you into this school with a couple of key factors to bring to the college.

After almost two years at Holy Cross now, I often ask myself, do I still like Holy Cross as much as I did when I first came in? The honest answer is that I like it actually a lot more than my freshman year. While I did not enjoy Monsterrat, many other people here have liked Montserrat and had a good experience. You’ll get to live with people all in your cluster and make new friends. The academics for what you want to do here is pretty impeccable and while there may not be as many majors as other schools, you will find a professor that you will get in contact with and have a very close relationship (Many of my friends have one or two professors that they always go to).

You will have classes that are very small with professors and I don’t think any class here reaches 100 students, the intro classes are around 75 (large, but still small compared to other schools). A small campus may seem boring at times, but the beauty never really fades, you will see 12903821093 pictures of the same spot of campus yet you probably find something to admire about it each time.

Now here are some other honest opinions, if you’re going to into the sciences, they can be very hard and demanding of your time compared to other classes because you have to take a laboratory class, which are usually a 3-4hour extra class time commitment (but that is at every school). However, it is still manageable and you can do it!

If you like to party, there are plenty of party scene on the weekend for you to enjoy and take advantage of and it is probably the biggest thing to do on campus on the weekends.

However, if you aren’t into the big party scene then you should come here anyways and become friends with me, or sign up for substance free housing. There are plenty of off and on-campus activities to do, things to shop at and place to go around Worcester (I’ll make another post about that).

I hope you come here and if you actually read this blog and actually are one of the people who read it, I’d say you’re an interesting person and you should come and hang out with me. I won’t bite… maybe only a little.



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