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HC Fall 2013

November 6th, 2013 ddluu15

Hi all! So school has started, I had my not so great first and second exams in my classes, and I’ve been managing a lot of stress and anxiety built up from being at school already but we had a break, came back and more intense things running. Junior year so far has probably been the hardest year out of all of them at Holy Cross because there just has been a lot of changes in my life (personal and academically). I mostly just played games and hung out with some friends over fall break and had some amazing Korean tofu in Allston. However, I wanted to make a short blog to tell you all little bit about each of my classes.

Physiology- this is a pretty interesting class I’m in right now where I’m learning about mechanisms that work in the body and I learned a lot about the brain and general systems. We’re learning about circulation now and I find the labs to be fun because I get to stick electrodes on me and look like a robot.

Physics – just a general introduction to physics where I’m currently learning about motion, the kinematic equations and we’re doing some energy stuff. I really like my professor and he is super helpful at office hours and the demonstrations he does in class are very fun to watch.

Medical Ethics- for my philosophy requirement, this class is really interesting because you talk about the ethics in medicine and discuss certain cases where I feel like at the end of the day I can’t really decide on one exact correct answer as to what should happen when a controversial topic rises.

American Sign Language – For my language requirement and I must say it is an amazing class and I highly recommend it for your language requirement if you’re not interested in the others. I’ve learned so much and the class is taught in ASL because my professor is also death. Not only to a learn an awesome language, I learn a lot about deaf culture and the differences between Hearing and Deaf culture.


Life’s been rough, but it’s been going well and there have been many things to do. Will try and get some pictures up soon! I have a lot to say about living at HC as a third year student in a large room with my own bathroom and 2 new roommates (4 guys, one room, many shenanigans).





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  1. Joe Arostegui says:

    Dan, as far as we’re concerned, you’re a born Ethicist.
    Sincerely, Giulia’s family.

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