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June – Research again, I’m a senior…

June 1st, 2014 ddluu15

Hey guys!

So with the last semester of my junior year over, I’m officially a senior now. Wow, that’s scary, to think that 3 years ago I was a freshman and 2 years ago this time, I finished my first year of college. Time flies. I did better this semester than last, still could have done better overall, but I’m semi-satisfied with my grades. I move in back to school today to begin my research session with Professor Webster and start studying for the MCAT as I’ll be taking that. This next year will probably be busy with me and planning my future for what happens when I graduate… I hope all your summers are well and starting off on a good note! I know mine has been. The 2 weeks I had home has been blissful and just relaxing and working out at the gym along with playing catch up with my friends and games. I enjoyed it, but now with June finally here, I’ll need to buckle down to work and study hard for the rest of the summer.

I have tons of picture to show you all, but my phone is really messed up and I can’t upload them correctly (Also why I’ve been postponing making a blog for so long) so once I get that I’ll probably be doing recaps of what happened between my last few weeks/months? of my Junior year.



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  1. Joe Arostegui says:

    Great job Mr. Luu. You’ll kill the MCAT with your Holy Cross prep. Hope to see you soon.

  2. It’s surely one of lifes true pleasures, when it’s a “stay indoors” kind of day and you’ve got a spellbinding book open and you’re in world of dreams, challenge and adventure.

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