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On Starting College – You’re a World Maker

June 23rd, 2013 ddluu15

So I recently watched one of my favorite YouTubers Zefrank and his video on starting college, giving advice to future high school seniors who would be starting college, and I’m here to give my own two cents. So for those of you who are about to start at HC or anywhere else and just randomly read this blog, here is some advice on starting college from someone who is already in college.

As Zefrank puts it, you are the world maker and you make your college experience however you would like it to be. Your freshman year will involve introducing yourself to many new people in and out of your grade, classes with professors who are different from your high school teachers and new relationships that you form. Don’t be shy to go to something your small group of new friends may thing is stupid and don’t let yourself be pressured into doing something that you normally wouldn’t. Don’t drink so much so that you’ll forget everything and you won’t have any memories of what happened the night before.

You should join the clubs you’d like or not join any at all, there really isn’t any pressure to actually do club activities, but clubs are also a great way to make friends. Work out and exercise when/if you have the free time. Also I wouldn’t worry about being judging by others because they’re all going to be self-conscious about themselves rather than judging you.

Most importantly you’re the world maker, make the best of this experience and while I’m not going to say it’ll be the best time of your life, you can make a great memorable time for the better days to come. Here is zefrank’s video if you’d like to watch it.



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