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Winter Break and Last Semester

January 27th, 2015 ddluu15

Hi all! I’m finally on my last semester of Holy Cross!

Sorry I haven’t had the time to post much updates, but Senior year has been hectic and crazy. I hope you can forgive me, I’m back on campus now and preparing for the big northeaster that is about to come. I had so much fun over my break and reconnected with a lot of my friends and we did a lot of things I used to do before I started school. Firstly, I got to watch all the Hobbit movies which I really liked and then I got to play Magic the Gathering with my friends which we hadn’t done in a really long time. I went around Boston and it’s suburbs for food and I ate so much good food. I visited the Museum of Science again even though I had gone last year. I drove around many more parts of Boston than I had before in the past and I got to eat at my favorite place, Anna’s Taqueria, for the best burritos. I also got an awesome Tissot watch, cologne, and new tea for my birthday and Christmas and I loved using all of it! I also started helping my friends to bake and helped out making macaroons and dinner rolls! It was super fun to use the Kitchen-Aid one of my friends got for Christmas!


I really didn’t want the break to end because that means I’m going to have to go back to class and the impending search for a job is looming over my head. Other than that I hope this semester is better than my last, and I’m taking really interesting classes that I seem to like so far. I’m taking Immunology with the same professor I had in my first year at Holy Cross, Evolution, which I love to talk about, a seminar with my architecture professor I had last semester and research for credit. Let’s hope for the best in the last year!  Here are some of the foods I had over break!

All you can eat Sushi Buffet at Sakura. We got a boat because we ordered so much


Korean Beef


Sea Urchin Sushi at a Japanese Restaurant


Eel Clay Pot


Homemade Dinner Rolls! It’s super fun baking bread!


Fruit Custard from Finale

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