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New Year, New Semester, 21 and Friends

February 10th, 2014 ddluu15

Hey everyone! Long time no see, my old laptop had problems and I’ve been having some issues on that so sorry for a late update.


So that the end of last semester, I didn’t do so well. However, knowing that, I didn’t really let myself get down because of the fact that I was just glad to be done with the heavy semester. It was also my birthday time, so I celebrated by going to New York to hangout with some of my friends and I stayed with them. I had turn 21 and just when I got to my friends house and ready go out into the city, I got incredibly sick and was pretty much knocked out for the first two days of my trip. However, after that I had a jolly good time, and I went ice skating in Bryant Park and even sneaked in photos even though I wasn’t allowed to. I went to karaoke and sang my terrible voice out, and then just walked around the streets of New York and explored, I even got caught a random stranger taking a picture of me and did plenty more. New York is weird. And yes, being 21 meant that I could legally drink now. I’m not a big drinker as many of you know already (or just found out now) and let me tell you, I just got a drink so I could be carded and showoff that I was 21. It was exciting however I quickly discovered alcohol is not for me and I prefer to keep drinking my water, tea and juices. I ended up on the New Year feeling queasy and having a huge headache, however I persisted through the night. The rest of my trip was just hanging and talking with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, catching up on life. When I went home, I also ended up going on the day of a big snow storm so I came home in the middle of the storm and barely made it before it got to be really heavy. I spent my day home shoveling snow.



Bryant Park ice skating rink, long wait, but super fun and I had to take the photo quickly. Then on the right is me on New years eve, excited for the party and still playing my games on my laptop though. On the bottom are one of my many friends who joined me and on the left is Jasmine where we sneakily took a selfie on the rink, then on the right is Cindy when we she took me out for Sushi with a super long wait also, but it was really worth it and tasted awesome.



For the rest of the break, I worked at the Y like usual teaching little kids how to swim, cover guarding shifts, and babysitting whenever they needed me. I also experienced my first club, which my cousin had taken me to, and let’s just say clubbing is also not my type of lifestyle. I prefer the sit and talk about life conversations or parties where everyone plays video games or board games. I also went out with two of my older couple friends and they took me to an awesome place to eat and we then we watched a movie at their apartment and talked about stuff, and break was pretty much over. No pictures here…



Then school finally arrived and thus began the last semester of Junior year, can you believe I only have 3 semesters left?! That’s crazy how time flies. My roommates and I went out and we played some intense games of Jenga and then we celebrated my birthday with some expensive but awesome tasting lobster sushi. Then a week after that, another 21st birthday in room was celebrated on a Monday night at Applebees. So now 3/4 of the roomies are 21 and the last one turns 21 two weeks before finals.

Before that I had a lab lunch with my research professor where all the alumni (that could make it) that were a part of our lab came to her house to enjoy a brunch and catchup with everybody. It was a surreal day for me because it was so cool  to see HC alumni come back and just visit to see where everybody is at. One is in his third year of medical school, another doing research, and one is in nursing, it was awesome to talk to previous lab members before me and this was one of the best Sunday afternoons I’ve had in a really long time, wish we could have taken a picture. Then on the 4th of February, one of my roommates, my friend from WPI, and I went to Brighton Music Hall to see Brazilian Girls preform live and it was an awesome show. We got to talk to some of the band members after and they were really down to earth and chill. This was also on the day another huge snowstorm was supposed to come. Luckily we made it back before the storm hit and that was the best Tuesday probably out of my entire college experience so far that I know of.


Intense game of Jenga the roommates all participated in on night, expensive delicious sushi for my birthday, then we all go out for Vuong’s 21st on Monday and he’s pretty happy to be 21. Then from left to right, my friend Vinay (WPI), Jayson, Sabina (lead singer of Brazilian Girls), and I chat it up after their performance and Sabina was really cool. This was a great Tuesday night and we all had an amazing time, made the other 2 roommates jealous from the snapchats we sent them.


So there you go! A very long update from me, due to the difficulty of the blog edditer to get all the photos correctly and I just had a lot I wanted to say. I left out many more things, but hopefully I’ll get another one out soon. Remember if you have an questions you’d like me to answer, ask them in the comments or send them to me at ddluu15[@] I’m going to try to focus more this year on improving my grades and plan for the summer right now. On the weekends to do laundry, drink some more tea, clean and play a few games with my friends to just relax at night. I have a lot of other plans I’d like to unfold and HC is beautiful in the snow if you can get past the cold. I hope all is well with your New Years and you enjoy whatever stage of life you’re in while you can because that too will probably go by fast.



Dan Luu

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  1. Joe Arostegui says:

    Happy Birthday Dan! Thank you so much for always sharing Crusader exuberance, liveliness and creativity! Like so many HC students and faculty, you make a huge impact on those around you.

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