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Summer So Far

July 2nd, 2014 ddluu15

Hey all how has your summer been so far? I’ve been super busy with research and other things that I’ve been doing. I’ll give you a quick update:

My research hasn’t been going too well recently and we’re already half way through so I hope it gets better. Otherwise my day has been super busy of driving over to my friend’s house and going to work out with him. After that we usually cook together and then wash the dishes which amounts to 10PM by the time I’m done and on my way back to HC. After that I stay up for a few hours catching up with my friends and then I’m already headed to bed. Thus I haven’t found the time to study yet as my weekends have usually been ‘action’ packed with working out or doing chores and attending summer events along with catching up on some lost sleep throughout the week. Nevertheless I’m still feeling nervous about the test but I’m going to try and see what I can do about that soon.

My mom’s birthday also just passed and I haven’t been able to do anything with her yet, but I will soon when she is done with her volunteering at Temple as that is where all her time has been taken up. She’s getting old now, but still pretty awesome in my eyes. I’ll be excited to take her to dinner in a few weeks. The world cup is also going on and I’ve been watching that on and off, less now that the US has lost and out of the race, though we put up one heck of a fight! Again my camera on my phone has been buggy still so no pictures yet but one day I’ll have them up.

I hope you all have a great independence day and I’ll update you all soon again



Dan Luu

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  1. Gabriella Arostegui says:

    Buon Compleanno a la tua Mamma, Daniele.
    Ci Vediamo prossima settimana!
    Gabriella Arostegui

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